One of the main highlights and attraction of the Hindustan Auto Hub is the Automobile Sterilize Booth, which is a unique Automobile Beauty Clinic. This system is being provided in India for the first time and we are the pioneer to implement the same in India. This has interior detailing and exterior detailing services along with Ozone Treatment and this is developed by M/s Hilal Muhendislik Makina of Europe.

In this system we apply anti-microbial treatment to eliminate 99% bacteria by using most modern Car Indoor Air Purifier Sterilizer to gain fresh air through antiseptic, disinfection, deodorization. Once the vehicle is placed inside the Automobile Sterilize Booth, complete odour inside the vehicle will be removed. The odour of debris, dust, cigarette, food items etc are cleared after the interior detailing. Subsequently, Ozone Treatment is provided in the vehicle after which the vehicle becomes bacteria free and the interior becomes fresh and the vehicle will look like a brand new vehicle.


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