Company proposes to come up with Auto Hubs in major locations pan South India providing seven and more different Automotive Allied Business Services under one roof. The Business Services intended in the Auto Hub are as follows...



The Auto Hub is a strategically planned and designed business model resultant of decades of business experiences. Hindustan Auto Hub’s prime objective is to penetrate the market of Automobile allied Business Services and to generate sustained revenue through varied potential business services. Auto Hub business contains all essentials to gain optimum return for investment for a life time and generations, too.

Multiple Business Services under one roof becomes order of the new business trend and it has been well received by consumers. Additional business services under one roof is attractive to consumers and it enhances volume of business.

With very few efficient Automatic Car Wash Systems available in the state that caters to the need of ever growing demand of Automatic Car Wash Centres, the potential in this Car Wash market is immense. In this new generation and fast paced era, people find it difficult to allocate time to wash their vehicles. Even if they find time, the process of manually washing the vehicle will not offer the desired result. This necessitated the need of an efficient Car Wash System. The Car Wash System in our country has remained largely unorganized. This has resulted in lack of proper equipment, material and wastage of water. This in turn results in damage of paint of vehicles and topcoat of expensive vehicles. The Exxo brand Automatic Car Wash System manufactured by M/s Hilal Muhendislik Makina, Turkey has been designed and manufactured keeping all these essentials in mind and cater to the need of the customers to their utmost satisfaction. Besides, the inadequate availability of efficient and reliable Automatic Car Wash System in the state, tag on further scope.

Similarly, the Automobile Sterilize Booth is need of the hour and first of its kind in India. In view of the very nature of the concept and the essential service offered in the Automobile Sterilize Booth, undoubtedly it becomes a most favorite service preferred by customers who visit the Auto Hub for car wash. The potential is very high considering the consumers demand for a quality and hygienic products and services and around 25 to 50 cars are estimated to avail the service, each day.

While the demand of LPG for domestic as well as commercial needs are ever increasing, there has been a wide gap between supply and demand and this makes good scope for the Gas Point.

Equally, the Tyre Shoppe that can offer a variety of Tyres and accessories like Alloy Wheels and varied services has every potential for a good business.

Likewise, the Battery Shoppe selling the batteries has the potential for allied services like on site evaluations, cell replacements, damage repairs, load testing that can generate good revenue of high margins.

The same way, the Lube Shoppe is also has its own potential and will contribute to the revenue in the Auto Hub.

The Pollution Testing Center will be beneficial for customers who visit the Auto Hub and definitely make easy their obligation and it helps make revenue to the Auto Hub.

The Auto Hub, by its concept itself is advantageously planned and designed with a good scope to generate sustained income, low operating cost and better margin and return for investment.