Automatic Car Wash System - As India is moving with glowing and enthusiastic business opportunities, car washing business can beat the Indian market. Since there are numerous cars, Car Wash Factory can wrap up the opportunity. This venture can be easily executed right there in our Auto Hub stations to enhance car hygiene habits, cleanliness, durability of exterior look and other common cleaning tips. At automatic Car Wash, the aim is to deliver best of services and bring in new concept to the car market. Similar to other countries like US, Italy, Germany, UK and Europe where professional car wash has a very significant role to play, India is also not far in this area

The car washing business has a handful of competitive advantages. It lacks a dominant national chain. There is an immense need for professional car cleaning organization that can really provide an ultimate car cleaning experience. So demand for a professional and reliable cleaning brand is higher than ever and only going to increase further.

We have got great potential business avenues to incorporate in the Automatic Car Wash Centers in the existing Auto Hub in India by installing most modern quick washing systems that has the capacity of washing 50-100 vehicles each day.

Automatic Car Wash System manufactured by M/s Hilal Muhendislik Makina, Turkey is a high-speed, dependable and efficient car wash equipment developed keeping the investor in mind. These products are made to be the best in the market and are developed so that more number of cars can be cleaned per hour. Its highly efficient chemical delivery system, along with maximum water impingement, provides optimum wash results. Soft Touch Technology is a unique feature in this Automatic Car Wash System and its carefully chosen type of Brush prevents the vehicle exterior from any damage. The most modern and efficient PLC System controls the entire operations of Automatic Car Wash.

The product has been designed to give maximum reliability year after year with minimum maintenance. The most modern and latest technology has been used in the manufacturing of this Automatic Car Wash System and the performance of these products is most exemplary.

In addition to Automatic Car Wash System, Car Beauty Clinic or a professional Car Detailing Spa will also be provided to dedicated Car Beautification and Preservation by using the best car care products, machines/equipments manufactured by the world’s leading companies. Beauty Clinics are often able to remove dull paint and small scratches, steam clean carpets and seats, brighten chrome, remove tar and perform a variety of other services viz., Polymer Treatment, Headlight Restoration, Alloy Wheel Care, Water Mark Removal, Faded Cars Restoration. We can offer services like Exterior Steam Wash, Paint Refinement and Coating Systems, Glass Treatments, Anti Rust Corrosion Treatments and many other services.


Multiple Business Services under one roof becomes order of the new business trend and it has been well received by consumers. Additional business services under one roof is attractive to consumers and it enhances volume of business....More>>

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