Hilal Muhendislik Makina

Hilal Muhendislik Makina (HMM), based in Turkey manufactures the most modern Auto Hub machineries and equipments. like LPG Pump, Bye-pass Valve, Non Return Valve, Remote Operated Solenoid Valve, Gas Sensors etc. They Design, manufacture and supply the most modern and latest technology Automatic Car Wash Systems, as well as Automobile Sterilize products required for the Auto Hubs. It is the pioneer Company in Turkey in the field of Auto Hub Machineries and equipments sector. Their products are being exported to all major European Countries, Canada etc.

Hilal Mahindislik Makina is one of the members of Hindustan Auto Hub Consortium and their products, services and technical expertise shall be utilized in all the Hindustan Auto Hubs proposed by the Consortium


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